A cupful of adrenaline for runners!

Date: 23. april 2017
The pits belong to us!

Zavod Savus

Miners' Marathon of Zasavje 2017 will be held by the local media publisher Zavod Savus in cooperation with the Rudnik Trbovlje-Hrastnik mines. Zavod Savus also organises adrenalin courses dubbed Jamatlon, which take participants on a 5.5km mining themed obstacle run through the Trbovlje-Hrastnik charcoal pits. Five successful Jamatlon events have been held thus far.

The first edition of the Miners' Marathon took place in May 2016. It welcomed more than a hundred of runners, who were all excited about the extraordinary and unique running experience.

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Mestni trg 5a
1420 Trbovlje

+386 70 788 510


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Project's description: Tourist, recreational and cultural projects for the preservation of mining and industrial heritage.

Project's goal:

  • increase the visibility of projects under operation in Slovenia and Europe;
  • stimulate the desire of the target groups to attend our events and spend a rewarding adventure experiences;
  • spread positive vibes about the projects, so that the competitors will be reaching out to others and encouraged them to learn more about our projects, gain our trust and recommend them to others.

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